Epoxy Resin & Wood Furniture

A seasoned furniture craftsman is always striving to create something beautiful and unusual, and epoxy resin and wood furniture certainly fit the bill. It’s estimated that there are over 60 thousand varieties of trees and each possesses its unique characteristics. Crafting furniture with epoxy resin allows an artisan to showcase the beauty of the wood in an entirely new way.

So, you might ask, what is epoxy resin? In layman’s terms, epoxy resin is a form of liquid plastic used in a variety of applications from vehicle manufacturing and snowboards to aircraft and electronics. Generally, it dries to an opaque finish but when treated and coloured can produce some remarkable results. Epoxy resin has tremendous strength and bonding qualities and when used with natural wood, can produce some astonishing results. Each piece of epoxy resin and wood furniture is unique, so you’ll never find the same article anywhere in the world.   

When creating a resin poured table, the most uniquely textured pieces of wood are selected. An artisan will look for pieces which have a unique grain or unusual knots – something that is going to stand out when the piece is complete. And unlike a traditional table, where all the pieces must be cleanly cut and fitted together, a resin poured table can be outwardly imperfect with gaps, gouges and rough edges. With traditional furniture making, these pieces would be discarded, but not so with this unique approach to furniture making. The more gaps, gouges and imperfections in the wood, the more desirable it becomes to the skilled craftsman.

Once the ideal piece of wood has been chosen, it is run through a bandsaw and the planer to ensure correct thickness and dimensional correctness. The wood is machine and hand sanded to remove any glaring imperfections, dust or dirt. The edges are also sanded smooth, and the pieces of wood are placed and clamped into a specially prepared melamine and acrylic frame. Special care and attention are taken to ensure the resin does not escape from the frame.

Wood is porous and holds moisture. Epoxy resin is ideal for this type of furniture building as it is not porous, nor does it react to moisture in the wood, therefore, reducing the possibility of bubbles forming in the liquid. Preparing the epoxy is a two-part process with liquid and hardener blended in exacting proportions. Epoxy resin is typically transparent, but many colours are available to enhance the beauty of the resin and ultimately, the finished piece of furniture.

Once thoroughly mixed, the liquid is gently poured into the cavity formed by the two pieces of wood. Liquid epoxy is allowed to slowly flow between the pieces, ultimately producing a perfectly level result. Liquid epoxy is poured into all open areas of the wood. The epoxy is allowed to cure for 72-hours before the entire process is repeated. Depending upon the size of the table, this process is repeated as often at six times. Once everything has cured, the soon-to-be table top is removed from the frame and planed to ensure uniform thickness. Edges are trimmed and cleaned – the entire table is sanded smooth, and a protective sealer coat is applied. Custom designed and built hardware is attached, and your resin poured table is ready to enjoy.

If this sounds like a tremendous amount of work, requiring an enormous amount of skill and patience, you’re right. Fortunately, your skilled Wooden Craftsman is an expert in the art of epoxy resin and wood furniture. All you need to do is select the style of table you’d like, place your order and when the work is completed, enjoy a unique and beautiful furniture creation.

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